Arms Wide Open Ministry
Arms Wide Open Ministry
Be The Woman God Dreamt of When He First Dreamt of You
Workshop #1
   Discovering God's Dream for You
Are you living the life that God
intended for you?
Where is the freedom in Christ
that  you hear others speak
What were your dreams before
you lost them in the
responsibilities of life?
How do you serve those in your
life without losing perspective on
God’s individual Purpose for you?
Join a small group of women and our facilitator Bobbi Barnett-Dick, MA, CLPC,
for a  five week journey, as we seek answers to these questions and discover the
plan God has to use your unique gifts and life experiences for His purposes and to
fulfill your dreams.  Explore the joys of knowing that you are living fully in the
purpose He has for your life.

Christian Counseling And
Retreat and Guest Speaking
Post Office Box 2112
Windsor, CA

Phone: 707-477-6127
Two session options will be offered: Saturday mornings
10:30-12:00 or Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00.
A donation of $20 is suggested for each session for
resources and workbook.
To register, email
Or call Arms Wide Open Ministry at 707-477-6127
Workshop #2
 Discovering Your Defining Moments
Under Construction.