Arms Wide Open Ministry
Arms Wide Open Ministry
Be The Woman God Dreamt of When He First Dreamt of You

"Speaking to groups of women is one of my favorite things to do.  Whether it is a
retreat, a tea, a or a workshop, it is a privilege to share the Word of God with others
and to seek ways to encourage them to apply it effectively to their lives.  Each time I
speak at an event I feel that I grow and learn much more than those individuals who

Bobbi's message encouraged us all and left me realizing my true value in Christ for the
first time.  I truly am ready to live with my 'arms wide open' to God's plans for me
K. B Los Angeles

"...Bobbi has a way of getting right to the heart of matters and yet does so in a gentle,
loving and often times humorous way. Having her speak at our retreat has left us blessed."
                                                                                           L.M.  Northern Calif.

"We so enjoyed your energy and creativity as you presented the message to us.  I am
hoping you'll be back next year so we can do this together all over again."
                                                                                           K.H. Las Vegas, NV

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