Christian Counseling and Life Purpose Coaching
                                     What is the difference?

Where are you on your journey? Are you finding yourself
struggling with relationships, depression, repeating patterns in
your life that continue to lead you to a place of regret? Christian
counseling is a scripturally based form of counseling that helps
individuals as they struggle with emotional and spiritual issues
that prevent their lives from "working right."  This form of
counseling relies on scripture and counseling services to
encourage and equip the believer to heal emotionally and
spiritually, in order to pursue the best path that God has for them.

If you were to say that Christian Counseling helps one to deal with
the aspects of their life that are "going wrong," you could say that
coaching deals with those aspects of one's life that are "going
right."  A Life Purpose Coach works with you to discover how your
gifts, abilities and experiences can work together to help you live
your strongest and most purposeful life for Christ.  A coach helps
you to discover dreams, set goals, develop strategies and hold
you accountable as you work towards living this kind of life.

Counseling and Coaching sessions can currently be scheduled on
most afternoons and  weekday evenings. Saturday appointments
can be arranged if necessary.
If you would like to schedule a session or would like to request
prayer, please email us at
Arms Wide Open Ministry
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