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Be The Woman God Dreamt of When He First Dreamt of You
Arms Wide Open Ministry
Be The Woman God Dreamt of When He First Dreamt of You
   As a child, living in a volatile and abusive home, I never could have imagined
that Christ would call and choose
me, not only to experience salvation but to
share His good news and love with others in a public way.  As a young girl,
victimized by the addiction and mental illness of family members, I found safety
by keeping haunting secrets.  At seven years old, past experiences had already
made me aware that I couldn't place my trust in my father; however, nothing
could have prepared me for the day he made a choice that changed my life
forever.  When the "family friend," offered my father a small package, I did not
realize that he was offering that small plastic bag of pills in exchange for time
alone with me.  But as I watched my father gaze from the pills to  me and back
again, I began to understand what was at stake. As I watched my father
struggle with his decision to either choose me or the small bag of drugs, I
silently cried, "choose me, choose me."
  Many of us have echoed those same words through-out our lives.  We want
to be chosen, to be loved, by parents, spouses, employers.  We want to be
picked for the team, for the job, for the promotion; because somehow to be
chosen means we have value.  To be chosen means that we are loved.  To be
chosen proves that we are finally good enough.
  My father did not choose me that unfortunate day.  The good news is,
however;  that my heavenly father did choose me.

          "You did not choose me, but I chose you..." John 15:16
          "I have chosen you and not rejected you." Isaiah 41:9
          "Praise the Lord who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you         
             with love and compassion." Ps. 103:4

  The Lord heals the broken parts of us, and prepares us for a life filled with
purpose.  I believe that my purpose is to encourage and guide women to
discover that they too are chosen, and that they have a specific and beautiful
purpose that God has prepared for them.